Sunday, 10 March 2013


Hi Everybody...

recently i have been having ago at turning old packaging into useful bits and pieces. i have been using old boxes and apple trays recently - and i have had a go at making my own baskets...

The apple basket was made using a 12 x 12 sheet of card - it was a template from this months card making and paper crafts magazine - it was meant to be an Easter basket but i decorated it differently and now i have a stylish fruit bowl x

This tray was what my apples came in - so i peeled it apart covered it in paper, put it back together and decorated it.  i didn't want it too stylish as i'm using it as a table tidy - to keep all my scissors and things like that in.

These two above were made using two halves of the same box - i think it was a frubes pouches box. i cut it in half and decorated it, one is now used as a 6 x 6 paper holder and the other for leftover scraps of 6 x 6 paper. 

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