Saturday, 25 May 2013


Hey everyone

Sorry i haven't wrote in a while - im hoping to get back to regular posts now. It's been a really busy couple of weeks for me. so i have some new cards to show you today - which will feature at my Marvelous men card sale on the 10th June....

So what do you think -COMING SOON -  my next tutorial ->   THE DRAW EASEL CARD!!!

So until next time xxx BETH xxx

Sunday, 28 April 2013

My first tutorial

This week i have been playing around with a few things and i have finally got it sorted - TUTORIALS!! so im now moving up in the card making world. my first one is below - check it out!!!

This is my tutorial on how to make mini organza flowers - enjoy!!! until next time x Beth x

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

It's been a long week x

Well it has now been ten days since i last posted. My craft fair went well but not as good as i had hoped x my new luxury collection cards went well also.

Last Thursday my niece Petra came to stay for the night. shes a beauty x we had great fun doing each others hair and make-up.

Then on Saturday i took my mum out for her birthday.... to PORTSMOUTH. we had great fun. we left at 7am and didn't get back till 8 in the evening.

Then today i made mum her birthday cake. for the first time i tried my hand at sugar crafting x

Her birthday is tomorrow so i hope she likes it x

Well until next time x Beth x

Saturday, 13 April 2013

What i have been doing all week...

Hello All and welcome back. this week has gone so i fast i cannot believe it has been 9 days since i last posted. seeing as my craft fair is on Monday i have been busy all week getting together some last minute things to put on my stall in 2 days time.

Also a friend put in a order for a teacup card - and here it is->

And also since i last wrote i have had my hair stripped now im back to my "Natural" color. 

What do you think?

So i won't be blogging until after my craft fair now. so i will let you know how it went.. until next time x Bethx

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Running your own Craft fair

Sorry it's been a week since i last posted but i have been very busy getting my craft fair ready for the 15th. i have been making lots of those lovely sweet bags i did the tutorial on the other week and many more cards for my luxury collection. i wasn't exactly sure what to write about in this post because i haven't really done much photographing of my crafts this week but then i thought why don't i write about how to run a successful craft fair? so here we go...

My Tips for A craft Fair at Home

It takes a lot of hard work getting a craft fair ready yourself normally you would go along to one at a library or school where everything is done for you...refreshments, advertisements and the decorations - all you have to do is get your crafts ready.

But when you are doing one at your home or work and you are the one in charge it can be difficult to get everything into balance. In some respect it gives you more scope: you can match the decorations and advertisements to match the latest card collection or just base it on your favorite colors. You can decide what date and time is best for you and also it saves on the travelling to get to the place the craft fair is at.

2 years ago i had a go at a library fair but it was dreadful so since then i have done my own at my house (also you don't have to pay for a table!) 

Each time i do a craft fair at my house (4/5 times a year) i use my checklist...

Date and Time : when is it convenient to do it and how long do you want it to run for? do you have any appointments? do you have a friend who wants to come but is working certain days? - well when you do a craft fair of your own all these things can be catered for.

Advertise : this is the main major thing you have to work on because if people do not know you are doing a craft fair they won't come. I normally design a leaflet that can be use every where like this ->

It needs to tell people when and where it is and what you are selling. i normally print of my own or you could have them done professionally if you are doing it for your work. As i said i print of 2 in A4 and about 40 in A6. i put 1 of the A4 ones in my door window and one in my sisters. The other 40 get distributed around my town to friends and several different stores.

Where and arrangements:  you need to decide on an open enough space in your home or at your work. it needs to be big enough to allow room for a table (to hold your crafts) and room for your customers to sit. i choose my front room because it allows for both the requirements. 

The Crafts :  now you need to get everything ready for the day. make sure you have enough crafts to sell and that you keep back some just in case you sell out of the first lot. Make sure you price everything or make signs so that people know what you are charging otherwise you end up doing a lot of math for 10 different people at a time. 

Decorations: Is there any holidays coming up? Easter? Halloween? Christmas? well if there is you can co-ordinate your decorations to the holiday. but if you are just have a normal sale you can choose your favorite colors or the color theme from your favorite card collection.  You can keep it simple or go overboard. i like to keep things simple - white table cloth and streamers. i just change the color of the streamers according to the occasion - green and red for christmas, yellow for Easter  orange and black for Halloween....well you get the idea. you have a clean slate to work with and you can mix it up anyway that you want!

On the Day:  you need to have at least £20 in your cash tub so that you can give change. because you would be stuck if someone gave you a 20 pound note and only having £5 change. Also make sure that you have bags ready for your customers so they don't have to lug everything home. I normally start my day at 9am so i have to be up by 6am to get everything ready. the sign previously on the door goes onto my gate so that any passer-bys can see i have a sale. Make sure you get all your decorations up according to your theme and you should be ready to go - just slip in a CD and away you go. 

Well i hope this helps some people when it comes to running your on Craft fair.  If you have any questions feel free to leave one in the comments and i will get back to you....Until next time x love Beth x

Friday, 29 March 2013

My Sale

Hi All not much to update today. i have been busy all week. have done some cleaning for my sister and make cakes with my eldest nephew see...

and i managed to get some cleaning done for myself. i have had time to set up another one of my massive craft Sales. this time though everything is on 3 for £1 which is going to be held on the 15th April. im just so fed up with having boxes and boxes of stuff laying round my room. so i have been really busy making more crafts to sell along side the numerous amount of cards i have to sell.

Til Next time love Beth x

Monday, 25 March 2013

Sweetie Bags

Heres another great tutorial for you - the Sweetie bag. great as treats for the kids or good for the wife/hubby for their birthday - just change the sweets and the topper to suit the person.

First make a choice on the sweets. i chose mini eggs as it is coming up to Easter. I found 15 of the eggs fit just right. Put your choice of sweets into a C6 clear resealable bag.

Now put this aside for a few minutes. You need to choose the color of the card you want. Cut it to 26 cm long. Now cut the width of the card to 11 cm (Cut this longways) When you have done this you need to score the card at 10 cm, 13 cm and 23 cm. But don't cut of the excess as this will be the flap.


so it now folds up like this. 


You then want to make sure that you can see the sweets inside - so you need to cut an aperture (if you look at image 2, you want to cut it in the first section) - it can be any shape or any size.


Now you have an aperture you can put the sweets in. fold it up like image 3 above so that the aperture is to the front. if you pull the top flap up you need to put double sided tape onto the two lips of the card. place the clear sweet bag in so the sweets touch the bottom and while holding the bag in the card case squeeze the two lips together. cut of any excess clear bag and glue the flap down. so you end up with something like this.


Now to make the topper. cut a contrasting piece of card measuring 11 cm by 4 cm. I added the cut out from the aperture to create a background, a sentiment and some embellishments. But you can decorate it any way you want to. 

Then all you need to do is attach it to the top flat like this...


Now you have a sweetie bag ready to be handed out. you can decorate these any way you want, for any person and with any sweets that you fancy. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Why not send a pic of your sweet bags to as i would love to see them xx

Till next time love Beth x

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New Cards

Here are some of the cards i made last night with the hunky dory timeless elegance collection that i won.

2 Female dressing table cards...

1 male dressing table card...

Card made out of various toppers. ..

2 teacup easel cards...

1 frame card...

This collection is really nice to work with. If you want something different to try, i suggest that you give it a go. With the added factor that it is all adorable scorable card stock the backing papers are really easy to score, fold and curve. 

Until next time x