Monday, 25 March 2013

Sweetie Bags

Heres another great tutorial for you - the Sweetie bag. great as treats for the kids or good for the wife/hubby for their birthday - just change the sweets and the topper to suit the person.

First make a choice on the sweets. i chose mini eggs as it is coming up to Easter. I found 15 of the eggs fit just right. Put your choice of sweets into a C6 clear resealable bag.

Now put this aside for a few minutes. You need to choose the color of the card you want. Cut it to 26 cm long. Now cut the width of the card to 11 cm (Cut this longways) When you have done this you need to score the card at 10 cm, 13 cm and 23 cm. But don't cut of the excess as this will be the flap.


so it now folds up like this. 


You then want to make sure that you can see the sweets inside - so you need to cut an aperture (if you look at image 2, you want to cut it in the first section) - it can be any shape or any size.


Now you have an aperture you can put the sweets in. fold it up like image 3 above so that the aperture is to the front. if you pull the top flap up you need to put double sided tape onto the two lips of the card. place the clear sweet bag in so the sweets touch the bottom and while holding the bag in the card case squeeze the two lips together. cut of any excess clear bag and glue the flap down. so you end up with something like this.


Now to make the topper. cut a contrasting piece of card measuring 11 cm by 4 cm. I added the cut out from the aperture to create a background, a sentiment and some embellishments. But you can decorate it any way you want to. 

Then all you need to do is attach it to the top flat like this...


Now you have a sweetie bag ready to be handed out. you can decorate these any way you want, for any person and with any sweets that you fancy. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Why not send a pic of your sweet bags to as i would love to see them xx

Till next time love Beth x

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