Monday, 6 August 2012

Christmas - 2012

These are a few samples of my Christmas collection for this year.

Sorry again they are a little bit blurry and dark - but you get the idea...

I'm Back - with a few more tricks...

Wow- Has it really been a year since i last posted? well a lot of things have been going on, i mean I've even left school- when did that happen? i have improved on my cards since i posted the pictures of the ones seen on my other posts. at the moment i am working on my  sisters cards and gift tags. Want to see look below.

Sorry about the lighting in the picture, it is always dark in my room when its raining. The second picture isn't to bad though. These are pictures of the rose gift tag i have made for my sisters present. And below is a picture of her card that was made for my mum to send her. 

Sorry again their a bit blurry. Well i hope to upload a few things again soon...Bye Bye xxx